Only with FIV, NOT FeLV...see link I sent: scroll down to FIV
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I didn't realize that this is what happens with FeLV vaccines?  That's
terrible - it means that an abandoned or given up cat could tests positive
but only from a vaccine - I know it's the case with FIV Ft. Dodge vaccines,
that's why many vets don't like it very much!

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Thanks everyone!  My vet told me that Peaches would test positive because
she's had the FeLV vaccination.
I think I will call the vet that Peaches former owners took her to & ask
them to test Peaches.
Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know what they say.

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It's not uncommon in Kentucky for shelters/rescues to just vaccinate the
cat instead of testing them.

Lately, all I have done is fight to get them to test the animals.
Apparently "it costs too much" - but I think the cost is worth saving
cats from getting exposed to FeLV.

I'd say test Peaches, the vaccination doesn't cause the test to come out
positive, so you should get a fairly accurate reading.

Then go ahead and get everyone fully vaccinated against FeLV, just in case

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I think I would definitely get Peaches tested.  If all your cats are
indoors only they really don't need to be vaccinated against FeLV.  Only
there's a chance they could get it.  But if you're not letting them out
you're not fostering other cats  then there's no risk of exposure to the
virus so no real need for a vaccination.  If all your other cats have
tested and are negative also then Peaches wouldn't need the vaccination
either.  So as long as her combo test is negative, then you really don't
need to worry about Nibbles.  It's totally up to you though.  Just my
thoughts. Course if Peaches' test is positive definitely get Nibbles up
speed. And I think he does need to do the series of two shots over again
you decide to get him current like Lynda said.

Thanks for giving Peaches a home.  And kick that other lady in the butt
for kicking Peaches out of the house just because she had a baby.


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The family that owned Peaches found her abandoned outside a vacant
apartment.  Their neighbor moved out, but left the cat.  They took
to the vet to discover that Peaches already was spayed. I don't know why
the Vet gave her Feline Leukemia vaccinations without testing her first.
They kept Peaches for almost 2 years and properly vetted her, wife had a
baby and they didn't want Peaches anymore.  That's how Peaches came to

I am going to take her to the Vet to have her tested and will go ahead
give Nibbles vaccinations.
I'll let you know what the vet says.
Thanks for all your help!!  It has been hard to get information about
to do.

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Lynda Wilson <

> Martha, you will have to start over on Nibbles. Once you get the first
> shot, you have to get the second within 3 weeks of the first for it to
> effective.
> It would be wise to have Peaches tested. Getting her the vaccination
> against FeLV will not show a positive test like the FIV would. I > would
> her separate from the others of course, until her worms are gone and
> had two FeLV tests that have the same result. Glad all the others are
> current! Your a good momma to be cautious.
> I hope this helps, we all try to share our experiences and knowledge > on
> this forum, but we are not experts :)
> Keep us posted.
> Thanks,
> L
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>  We have a new addition (Peaches) to my household, making a total of 4
>> cats.
>> Need advice on Feline Leukemia Vaccinations.
>> I have not introduced new cat (Peaches) to my other cats, as I want >> to
>> make
>> sure all are safe against feline leukemia. Peaches is up to date with
>> shots, but waiting on vet to do fecal because I saw a tapeworm.
>> Peaches is sequestered to basement. Very comfy down there.
>> Here's the situation:
>> *Peaches* (New Cat)
>> Age: 4.5 yr
>> Current vaccination for Feline Leukemia, but *was never tested* >> before
>> vaccination.
>> Peaches was never tested for Feline Leukemia, she was given 1st & 2nd
>> feline
>> leukemia in 2009.
>> She also had a vaccination in 2010
>> I have 3 other cats:
>> All cats will stay indoors!
>> *Nibbles *(got from shelter when 1 yr. old)
>> Age: 2.5
>> Nibbles had 1st Feline Leukemia shot 3/23/11, but not 2nd Feline


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