I don't see that it is not kind and supportive list but the truth is the truth, 
people give up their pets at an alarming rate and for, sometimes, what amounts 
to really stupid reasons.  They also leave them in abandoned, foreclosed homes 
to starve to death.  Does this mean that we are not supportive and don't care?  
No, it means many of us are in rescue and our homes are usually filled to the 
brim with cats/dogs and sometimes we need to vent.  Doesn't mean that we no 
longer want to support and help others, it means that our hearts are broken and 
as someone posted on their FB profile and I copied:
"My pets/fosters are not disposable. They may have imperfections, may 
eventually have health problems, and be a lot of work. But when I got them, I 
promised them a forever home. No matter what their faults are, they are good at 
something, and deserve to be loved and have a forever home. They are not only 
my pets/fosters, They are a part of my family."


> From: moonv...@gmail.com
> Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 14:57:03 -0500
> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] No Good Rotten People!
> Wow, this used to be a really kind, supportive, positive list. It makes me
> sad to see that it doesn't seem to be any more.
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