We are all supportive of anyone who rescues, deals with unwanted and/or sick
cats, fills their homes with discarded animals!  I cannot tolerate people
who are hypocritical about animals; pretending to love them, and then give
them up at the drop of a hat even if it means abandoning them outside to
fend for themselves!  
Here's one I just got this alert; perfect example: 

A rescue friend told me that the place in Queens where she buys her pet
supplies found a cat left in a carrier outside his door this AM.  She is
about 2 years old, extremely friendly, seems healthy and is DECLAWED. Her
coat is a luxurious shiny black. He is calling her Sophia.  She has to stay
in a cage until he finds her a home.  If you know anyone who might like to
help this baby, please call or text 917 689 8414 No pic available at this

There are other ways of dealing with not being able to care for your animal.
My husband and I supply a woman with cat food and litter for her 3 cats
because she can't afford it, or else we would have to take her cats into our
home.  My question to someone who claims that they have no money to buy cat
food is "do you have cable TV?"  The response has often been "Yes, but....I
need it."

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Unfortunately, as has been proven by a few cruelty cases here in Texas,
giving away pets on Craigslist is a recipe for disaster.  Case in point (no,
I will not post the article here) but there was a man in San Antonio who
appeared to be loving and caring, he "adopted" three free cats from CL and
all there of their lives ended in a horrible fashion.
I have been in rescue for over 15 years, I have seen what lies beneath the
and I have seen what unimaginable cruelty people are capable of.  Sorry to
get off topic here with these posts and I know that many of you are not in
rescue but what has been seen cannot be unseen and what I now know can never
be forgotten.
As to Nathan Winograd, my only objection to his book is him saying there is
no pet overpopulation problem.  I have a house full of cats that prove
otherwise.  Anyone who has TNR'd a feral colony would argue otherwise and I
have one cat in my house that I have marketed the cr*p out of but I have not
gotten one hit on her.  There IS a pet overpopulation problem and no-kill
begins with NO BIRTH.
Okay, I will get off my soapbox now.  Again, my apologies for getting off
Edna Taylor
Texas Siamese Rescue


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> According to studies, giving away cats and dogs does not make the person
> value them any less. I paid $5 for my Missy and she is priceless - there
> not enough money in the world to make me give her up. Giving away cats
> and dogs, when followup and education can be done, is a great way to find
> homes for more animals.
> Have you ever read Revolution by Nathan Winograd? It talks a lot about
> stuff. I'm a pretty strong no-kill advocate.
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