I do rescue and have for years, and the people who have been by far the
nastiest to me, have been OTHER RESCUERS.    We recently had a cat in our
program who was being advertised on Craigslist because she kept peeing
outside the box.  Everyone CANNOT keep a cat that keeps peeing outside the
box.  Everyone is not like us.  Yes, they tried different diets, tests for
uri, tests for kidney function, different litters and different litter
boxes.  Nothing worked.  The original rescue refused to take the cat back,
WANTS A CAT WHO PEES ON THE FLOOR.  These people loved the cat and did not
want to take her to a shelter.  I stepped in and lent them a condo to keep
her in so she wouldn't mess the floor while I went so far as to track down
the original breeder of the cat (in California) .  However we were lucky
enough to find a foster in Dallas who specializes in cats with pee problems
who took her in.  I have had a cat returned twice now who pees outside the
box, again the adopters have tried EVERYTHING and really wanted to keep her.

I have seen people in my area spend FIVE YEARS spending much of their time
running a rescue out of business instead of saving lives because they did
not like the way they did rescue.  Now there is another large rescue people
hate because they do not like the way they do rescue and instead of saving
animals actually go around to the various adoption sites pretending to be
potential adopters and grilling the volunteers.  I am so sick of rescue
attitudes I could just scream.  Some of the nastiest, vilest people I have
ever met have been in rescue - and to be fair some of the kindest as well.
Cruelty to humans is still cruelty.

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 4:12 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:

> This is STILL a kind, supportive group, but those of us who rescue see
> too much neglect and cruelty to look at the world thru rose colored
> glasses.  While it is true that not all people are irresponsible and
> uncaring, we see entirely too many people who consider animals as
> disposable "things".
> Lorrie
> >  On 08-05, Kelley Saveika wrote:
> > Wow, this used to be a really kind, supportive, positive list.  It
> > makes me sad to see that it doesn't seem to be any more.
> >
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