It's true - rescuers get to see and hear of real scum of the earth - Do Not
Adopt lists circulate constantly of people who pretend to be nice, but end
up torturing kittens and cats. 
I had an alert of a woman on Long Island with three children and 2 cats who
lost her home and is going to a shelter, where she can't keep her cats. For
a while, they lived in her car with the cats.  She is looking for someone to
foster her two cats until she can get her act together....that's a NICE
person; she doesn't want to give up her other children! I have one nice
large cat condo available right now and offered to keep them for
her...haven't heard back yet.

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I guess we've all seen a little of everything.  The problem with us in
rescue is that by definition "rescue" means you are rescuing homeless or
abused animals.  So rescue people will always see the worst and it makes us
hard and cynical.   The pure selfishness of people probably gets to me worse
than anything else.  Although there are definitely some sick SOBs out there

Kelley, I would guess that the rescue you've worked with is an exception,
not the rule.  At least I hope so.  None of the rescues in my area seem that
way.  Definitely not the rescue I work with.  Although we may not agree with
the way other rescues do some things we're not going to sabotage them
because they're helping animals that we can't help.  I'm in GA and there's a
serious overpopulation problem here.  Dang cats don't take a break in winter
and reproduce all year long.  Among my rescue group we may individually talk
about the way we don't like a rescue handling things (we can all be a little
catty) but we never tell other people outside our main core group that
because it makes us look bad to bad-mouth another group in public.  Within
our group we'll get pissed off at each other sometimes but that's a
personality thing usually.  Guess I'm lucky to have a group like mine.
We've done some things with the other groups too and I'll send people there
if they want a particular kind of animal that we don't have at the time -
like if they want a declawed cat and we don't have one I'll send them to
another group.  Like I said, I'm lucky.  It sounds like you've worked with
some crazies though.

I guess as far as people go I've seen a lot of bad but I've also seen a lot
of good.  Sometimes I'm amazed the people that come by our adoptions to tell
us about their wonderful cat/dog and how they've spoiled them rotten and
I've been so fortunate to have found great homes for my animals.  It's
amazing to me to see so many animal lovers.  I thought I was the only sick
one out there  :-)   My husband definitely thinks I'm the only one there is
that loves animals the way I do.  

But, there's a lot of selfish people too and it's shocking to me the people
that see animals as an object.  It's like they don't realize that it's a
living being with feelings and needs.  It's like they don't even realize
that by "getting rid" of their animal they are ripping it from it's home and
turning their world upside down.  My co-worker said his mother needed to get
rid of her cats and his attitude was so casual like "oh we'll just send them
on" I wanted to slap him and say it's their home too.  I told him that if
she was ready to give them up so easily she's probably one of those people
who didn't need animals.  And it gets worse than that.  We've gotten animals
that have been thrown out the car window while it was still moving and all
kinds of crazy stuff.  Now that's just cruel.  Finding kittens & puppies in
dumpsters in common around here.  Those are the kinds of people that many of
us hate, or at least have no use for.   There are a lot of those sick people
and there's no denying it.  But I guess even the ones with the casual
attitude that just get tired of their pets are probably the worse because
they're not sick in the head, they're just plain selfish and heartless.
They know better and still toss the animal out just cause they want to and
what they want matters more to them.  Like Natalie said, it's a throw away
society.  And the reason is because of plain selfishness and lack of

This economy has made things a lot worse in our area.  There are people with
legitimate reasons for needing to re-home their animals, like getting
foreclosed on.  I always say that if I lose my house I'd live in my car in
the woods with my animals before I'd turn them out, but if you've got kids
you can't do that and sometimes you have to choose.  And there are many
other legitimate reasons and people bring us their animals with tears.  But
by and large, it's some sorry ass excuse that we can see right through.

I think because a lot of us in rescue see more homeless animals than we can
possibly adopt out it's hard to remember all the good people we've met
through rescue.  It seems the negative outweighs the good just in sheer
numbers so I have to remind myself that although there really are some no
good rotten people there are some truly wonderful people too with good
hearts.  Even so, I have to admit that I say "I hate people" on a regular
basis too.

"I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are
profitable to the human race or doesn't..the pain which it inflicts upon
unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me
sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further." - Mark


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