Hi all,
Sorry if this is long.
I've been on this group/list for a very long time.
Seen many members come and go over the course of time by expressing their opinions that others didn't approve. I continue to stay on for support and to help others if I can off the group/list.
However, I do agree with Kelley. There are some nasty rescues out there. They are all over.
I've been in rescue for over 30 years.
So this pretty much explains what I've seen, heard, and been involved with over time.
My first real personal kitty had FELV as he died in 1975 to secondary complications.
This goes back into time 1972. Even though growing up we had other animals and my parents were reputable breeders of cats/dogs/horses/cattle.
I wanted to help a kitten that was doom to die. I remember, calling my Dad and crying they couldn't do this to the baby. He came by and got the kitten for me.
Anyway, the kitty was a 5 week old Siamese mix kitten that was dumped at the "Dog Pound" this is what they were called back then. They had revolving doors anyone was able to walk in.
Attitudes were bad back then by the staff.
What I saw was a status ego or it was just a job either they were burned out, or didn't care it was a paycheck.
After what I saw growing up I decided to try and save as many as I could.
It is unfortunate many shelters are still like this!
Then another special Siamese kitten came along and stoled my heart.
He too was FELV.
He is the reason how my rescue finally got a name. "Tazzy" so he did not die in vain. His memory is kept alive by rescuing, TNR, and helping others most importantly the kitties go to good homes.
I still rescue both negative and positive FELV Siamese kitties. Even though I am getting older...lol
Also, been doing hoarding situations a bit in the last few years. Because reality is if I or my connections don't do something most will be euthanized by the city/county shelters.
They want to make money not to lose it.
It's okay to voice your opinions and air your beef when needed.
Most of us understand and it shouldn't be taken seriously.
If we didn't care we wouldn't react like this!
I hope what I'm saying makes sense.....

Sultan, WA. 98294
Terrie Mohr-Forker
Non-Profit national rescue
Dedicated to the welfare of animals.
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] No Good Rotten People!
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Date: Fri, August 05, 2011 9:48 am
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In all honesty, I have found MANY people in rescue to be horribly cruel and
judgmental - towards OTHER PEOPLE, particularly other people in rescue.
Rescue is a cutthroat business and not for the faint of heart. There's
always someone ready to kick you when you're down, say you are not doing
something right because you aren't doing what they would do, etc etc etc.
I've seen rescue groups purposely try to run other rescue groups out of
rescue. (This is not directed towards anyone here, just what I think
whenever I see an "I hate people" thread.) In contrast, MOST of my adopters
have been lovely people. We did have a couple who moved to NYC and had a
baby who was allergic to the cats (and you can ask all the questions on a
form you want, when it comes down to it you don't know what people will do)
and they bothered to contact us instead of sending the cats off to the
pound. We made arrangements for them to be picked up (they paid half) and
delivered back to us safely.

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