Peggy,  Shelter workers hear so many phoney reasons why people
have brought in animals that they get very cynical and bitter.
In your case you were helping the Husky, but they didn't know that.


> On 08-05, Peggy Verdonck wrote: 

>I totally agree, but another side of
> the story...I got treated VERY bad by shelter personnel because I
> brought in a stray husky I found on the side of the road! I knew
> they thought I was lying. It made me feel horribble because I would
> never do that to one of my own animals!!! If they treat people like
> that, who are trying to help the animal find its owners or at least
> get off the road so it won't get hit, they might not do it again!
> Not me!! Ill just take the bad treatment over leaving a cat or dog
> in danger!

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