>  On 08-05, Edna Taylor wrote:

> I don't see that it is not kind and supportive list but the truth
> is the truth, people give up their pets at an alarming rate and
> for, sometimes, what amounts to really stupid reasons. 

So true......... They give up their pets for no valid reason at all.
I've heard everything......... "We are having a baby" or "the cat
leaves fur on my furniture", or "we are moving and the house is being
staged".  Then there is the very worn out excuse about someone being
allergic.  If I hear this one more time I think I'll deck the person
who tells me this.  True some people are genuinely allergic, but this
is also the most often used excuse to dump a pet.  I had one man tell
me he had a cousin who came to visit and she was allergic. I asked
how often this cousin came and he told me every couple of years
for a weekend!  

Sadly, I've found very few people think of a cat or dog as a lifetime
commitment. Instead they are just "things" to be disposed of when
they get sick, or grow up, or when you move!


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