You aren't nuts....try putting clean rocks in the sauces so they don't fall in or, if they do, can get out.
On Aug 6, 2011, at 3:01 PM, Lorrie wrote:

No you aren't nuts.......
That's a very kind thing to do....... Honey bees are having a
difficult time surviving due to pesticides and the tracheal mite
that can kill entire hives.

We've got some very kind hearted people in this group......
People here seem to regard all life as worthwhile regardless
of whether it's a pet or another little creature who also
wants to live.


On 08-06, wrote:

I put out saucers of sugar water for the bees and wasps so they
will leave the hummingbird feeders alone.  They were so crowded
that some were landing on top of others, pushing them into the
water.  They were drowning so I scooped them out on my fingers and
spred them out on the deck railing.  I went into the house for
paper towels to absorb some of the water.  When I got back out,
others were licking it off the others and cleaning their wings so
the could fly.  Only lost 5 out of 50. I know, I am nuts, but
honeybees are having a hard time these days and we need them to
pollinate our plants.

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