Check this out - I have an FIV positive cat living with me.  He's an older 
gentleman that I took in a couple of years ago.  In March a two year old cat of 
mine died and that's when we discovered she had FeLV.  She tested negative as a 
kitten.  She and my FIV positive kitty lived together sharing food and water 
bowls and everything.  I think he used to groom her too when she was a kitten.  
I had him, the FIV kitty, combo tested yesterday.  Can you believe that booger 
is negative for FeLV?  Talk about defying the odds.  Doesn't make sense that an 
immune compromised kitty did not contract the disease.  You can't predict 
anything regarding this disease.  I just assumed he had gotten it from her.

Just wanted to share my good but very confusing news.

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