That's sad - why would they want her to stay in the trap?  That's no way to
keep a cat that is friendly. Check with a species specific rescue - maybe
they would take this poor cat.  No, she cannot be just dumped out there
again.  A bathroom, garage, basement would be a better fate than that until
a real home can be found.  But take her out of that trap.was the tail
damaged by a trap?


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A little more info.

She's in the trap, where the FF people said she should stay "until morning"
which it is.

She had a problem with her tail, so part of that had to be amputated.  They
said it "went really well and she didn't bleed much" which is good.  They
advised the bandage would just come off in time.  She's a big Himalyan girl
with blue eyes.  A very striking cat.  Oh, and she has a cleft pallet which
I've never seen in a kitty before.  

I want to do the best thing for her.  Again, your help is appreciated.



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Wish I would have thought to ask this yesterday!  Now I'm literally an hour
away from needing to decide.

The problem is that my aunt (who's tame housecat I took) also had a "feral"
living in her large yard.  The cat showed up about 2 years ago, and for the
past year I believe the cat has pretty much been a resident there (her only
source of food?).

Yesterday I trapped her and took her to Forgotten Felines, the local and
excellent TNR organization.  Guess what?  She had already been spayed.  That
means some (fill in the blank nasty term) 'person' had just abandoned her!

So here's the dilemma:  if I release her in my yard, she's in a strange
place.  The only thing holding her near will be my good heart.  If I take
her back to my aunt's house (which is to go on the market soon) god knows
what will happen, where she will find food, and the next 'trapper' may not
have as good a motivation as I do.

I see it as 50/50 for this poor cat.

But what would YOU do?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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