I just do not believe that FELV is that contagious. We know FIV isn't that contagious except thru deep bite wounds. I kind of think it's the same thing with FELV. I've had the same thing happen - had a kitty die, had a necropsy, and she had FELV/FIV. None of the other cats got it. I knew she was FIV, but didn't know about the FELV. Lived several years with those cats.


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Maybe his immune system had improved since he first got FIV so he was abl to ward off the felv.
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> That's one for the books....amazing!
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> Check this out - I have an FIV positive cat living with me. He's an older > gentleman that I took in a couple of years ago. In March a two year old cat
> of mine died and that's when we discovered she had FeLV.  She tested
> negative as a kitten. She and my FIV positive kitty lived together sharing > food and water bowls and everything. I think he used to groom her too when > she was a kitten. I had him, the FIV kitty, combo tested yesterday. Can > you believe that booger is negative for FeLV? Talk about defying the odds. > Doesn't make sense that an immune compromised kitty did not contract the > disease. You can't predict anything regarding this disease. I just assumed
> he had gotten it from her.
> Just wanted to share my good but very confusing news.
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