Thanks, Gloria.
I guess "regular" vets don't clip the ear because people would freak out
about how their cat looks.  Forgotten Felines, our local TNR organization
(filled with Angels, by the way) did clip her ear.
She's now on my porch (we're having a cool summer, oddly enough) and seems
okay.  I am beginning to really like her.  Tonight I sat out in the
beautiful, nearly full moon evening, drinking a beer and singing to her (I
make up a song for all my cats -- this one was about how Hemy had a hard
life but came through alright anyway and now things are better).  I'll feel
better is she won't "shun" me -- right now she turns her back on me or
hisses, letting me know just how mad she is about this whole thing.  Poor
darling!  Tonight I tried to buy her love with canned food.  We'll see how
that goes!

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If you put the kitty in a cage or secure porch or outbuilding for a couple
of weeks, she will learn where she gets her food, where home is, and
hopefully stay around.  Course this depends on your having the right
weather, or a porch with the right temperature and protection, etc.

You might also be able to find someone who takes outdoor cats, who will do
the same thing, to keep kitty put up for a while so that she learns where
home is. I gather they didn't "eartip" to show that kitty was altered,

Good luck with your kitty -


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