Goodnight, sweet Jager.......

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        We lost our sweet Sids kid Jager last night to intestinal lymphoma. I 
got to tell him good bye and that I loved him. And rubbed his beautiful littlr 
black ears with the white stripes.
        He had the coolest ears and purrsonality.He was all black except each 
ear had white stripes,my fiance' couldn't believe it was reall and that someone 
bleached them.Well for the 4 1/2 years we had him,his ears ALWAYS stayed the 
same :). He always has some kind of issue going on but always overcame it and 
was a happy boy. We spoiled him with baby food everyday just because he was 
Jager. I will miss this precious little guy. I love you sweet Jager.

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        than our own,
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        We still would have it no other way" 
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