At my age 70, I've earned the right to say what I feel...and....I do it....just 
ask my kids......

"A failure is just a stopover on the way to SUCCESS."

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Congratulations!  I don't get these people, if they don't really care for
the horses, don't they at least appreciate them for their monetary

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I will be 63 next month and I have been telling people off about
animals for several years now.

Just did it yesterday to a woman who took her 4H'rs into McDonalds for
a relaxed, air-conditioned treat while FIVE horses sat in direct sun
in an enclosed trailer.  One of the horses was neighing and kicking so
hard the trailer was rocking.  I went inside and found her, told her
one of the horses was distressed and I felt she shouldn't have left
them in the direct sun while they trooped inside to eat.  She told me
she was trying to get the girls out but they weren't finished eating
yet.  I told her that is why it is called fast food.  She could order
the food and they can eat in the truck.  Suffer - your horses are!

She seemed to be a bit miffed at me!  Said very un-4H-like words!


Tee hee.

Wonder what I'll be like at 80?


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> On 08-23, Marcia Baronda wrote:
>>    You  know  what?  I'm getting that way too!  It must be getting older.
>>    Ya  know,  I know this sounds really crazy, but I kind of like getting
>>    older, there ARE perks.
> Yes, that's one of the few good things about getting old!
> I'm 78 now and I tell people exactly what I think of them
> if they are irresponsible or unkind to animals.
> Lorrie
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