We have one cat with a vestibular problem, and he's super sweet, a real
uncle to all the cats.but when he feels worse, he walks around hissing all
the time, and we know it's not at any particular cat - he's just not feeling
too well that day!  Fletch probably feels terrible when he does that!  Is
there any reason that he would be on Amoxi indefinitely?  And what would the
prednisone be for?


We just got a 9-yr old blind and declawed cat, and healthy - poor thing was
stumbling around in a neighborhood, and only after about 2 weeks it was
determined that he cannot see.  Nobody was looking for him; obviously
abandoned.  Now, I'm trying to find him a small and quiet home.he has to be
approached quietly and forewarned that you're there.


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I know this sounds crazy, but 20 years ago, after watching City Slickers
where Billy Crystal saved Norman the calf from the rapids, I turned to my
husband and said I am never eating beef again. And I never have. Chicken
pork and fish followed a few months later. I certainly have learned newer
ways to cook! I am a big fan of Temple Grandin...have two of her books. She
is an amazing woman. it was from one of her books that I larned that cats
can't calm down as fast as dogs because of their frontal lobes. But I still
foret that sometimes and end up getting scratched or bit. That's OK.

Fletch is exceptionally grouchy today. He swatted at one of the other cats
today and continually growls at me(-;  I asked my vet about retesting him
and she said it's not necessary since he's already cliically ill. I know
after reading everything all of you have posted that you don't agree. that
is why I am here, for outside help from people that have years of experience
with this. I will have him retested of course. Do you think his grouchiness
is from not feeling well, or could he have some neurological issues? I know
that he has totally lost his sight and I'm sure that is really scary to him,
poor little guy.He's om amoxicillin and they said he could stay on that
indefinitely. Do you agree? She also said we could try some prednisone. What
are you opinions??


Take care everyone


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