Natalie, were they also re-tested with an Elisa? A negative IFA does NOT mean 
they don't have the virus. It just means it isn't replicating in their bone 

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I got a FeLV+ cat 3/2 yrs ago…couldn’t find anyone to take him, he was very 
lonely.  After two yrs alone, I found another FeLV+ cat – they became friends 
overnight.  A few months ago, I decided to retest them, using the IFA – they 
were both negative.  Just imagine, how lucky I was – one of them could have 
been positive, and I would have exposed the healthy one to FeLV!  The strange 
thing is that the new cat had also had the IFA, but it was done to soon after 
the positive ELISA.
Once you know that your cat is definitely positive, get another definitely 
positive cat for company.  Chances are great that kittens of a FeLV+ mother 
will be positive more likely than not. 
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Having two Feline Leukemia cats
In June we adopted two cats a young black female(Spicy) and a orange female 
(Sunny) from animal control.  Our local shelter was overrun with cats and 
begging people to come adopt.  When we took them to the vets a week after being 
adopted the receptionist asked if we wanted them tested.  I did not know when I 
adopted them that animal control does not test the cats unless you request it.  
Well Spicy tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  My vet wanted me to put her to 
sleep because she couldn't live with my other cats.  I couldn't do it she was 
only 10 months old.  So I transformed a spare bedroom into her home.  She has a 
cat tree, sofa, windows and toys galore.  I think she is lonely being by 
herself.  A rescue in my area just posted about a mother cat and her juvenile 
litter of kittens having all just tested positive for feline leukemia.  I was 
thinking of looking for a friend for Spicy.  I had talked to a shelter in our 
area that takes in
 FELV and FIV positive cats.  They recommended not adding because it could make 
Spicy sick or the other cat sick.  Spicy is do next week to get retested for 
FELV, the vet said there is remote chance she could turn negative.  If she is 
still positive  do you think it would hurt her to get her a friend?? 
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