The rental apartment I own, in my two story cat shelter, allows
cats........ As many as they want, within reason of course, and
I'd never ask anyone to declaw a cat, but they must be neutered
or spayed.

I do not allow dogs however, as the last time I had a tenant with a
dog (a big lab) we had a horrible flea infestation.  The fleas got so
bad they gravitated downstairs to my cat shelter and it was just


On 08-26, Natalie wrote:
>    There  are  also  some  apartments  that  allow  cats ONLY if they are
>    declawed...I  guess  they  prefer  taking  their chances of those cats
>    peeing  everywhere  instead  of  possibly scratching something, and it
>    would most likely be the tenants' own furniture!

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