so true,but this will only be for a day. keep the cats together,leave plenty of 
food,they should be fine.I know,believe me, I'm in NY .I didn't feel the 
earthquake,but a gas line broke out side my house. The fireman said I had to 
leave.I have alot more than 15 cats. But, I left ,locked my door,blessed 
myself,and said: please God don't let me lose my house or my furry family. I 
live for them.Everything was fine in a short time. 

--- On Sat, 8/27/11, Lorrie <> wrote:

From: Lorrie <>
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hurricane
Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011, 8:15 AM

Good for you.  There is no way I'd ever abandon my cats, but the
problem is I have 15 cats, and a small Suzuki compact car, so I'd
have to rent or buy a van, which I'd definitely do.


On 08-26, wrote:

> Since Katrina, I have been accumulating carriers (have 7 cats).  If
> I have to leave my home, they go with me.  I have an Astro van and
> all I have to do is put the seats down and I have plenty of room
> for the carriers.  I will leve my home and all else behind, but my
> cats go with me.  I can sleep in the van with them.

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