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> That sounds like a good idea.  RE:  rental, have you had good luck
> with the people you rent to?  Can you specify no loud music after a
> certain hour, only people in you age range?

I've had some good and some bad luck.  The people who gave the place
the horrible flea infestation had several cats and a big lab dog. The
dog brought in the fleas when she went outside, and since they were
very lax about flea control the place became horribly infested. They
were also slobs and hoarders and the dog crapped on the floor because
they didn't walk her often enough. Cleaning up the place after them 
was a nightmare!  

After that I had a very neat renter who kept the place spotless and
had one cat and a cute little short haired dog who was kept flea
free. She left a few months ago, and since then we've been renovating
the apt. It's just about finished and I'm advertising it soon, as it
must rented by winter so I don't have to pay the utilities :-(

As for loud music etc. It's no problem because the apartment is not
in my house.  It's on the second story of the big two story building
I bought in town. The first floor is my cat shelter. I made it into a
home like setting for my overflow of rescued cats. It has furniture,
climbing posts, window ledges, and large cat condos. There are many
rooms for the cats to run around in, NO CAGES, so they really good
have a good life. I wish they all had individual homes, but I know
they'd be dead by now if I hadn't taken them in as they were all
abandoned when I rescued them.

It has cost me a small fortune to buy this building and heat it, plus
the money I spend for vet bills, food and litter is several hundred
dollars a month, but it's what I want to do with a small inheritance
my parents left me.  Ironically, my parents were not animal people,
and I often wonder how they'd feel about the way I'm spending the
interest from my inheritance.


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>  Well, you could enforce the no-flea rule by insisting that the dog
>  is treated with proof. You could even charge the extra amount for
>  flea products and just hand it to them.

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