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Education can get people to look for alternatives...the more education, the harder (hopefully) they will look. I really believe that there are times it is best for the cat--sorry, I know a lot of you disagree--and my boys have their claws as have most of my cats. The boys were tiny when they adopted me and we have had numerous lessons and I buy things that are difficult to harm/I won't be devastated if they are scratched etc. There are two 8 foot pieces of foam insulation in the garage that they have claimed and there are several doorways (rustic log house, plank trim, if they ever scratch through a piece I'll spend $70-80 and replace it).

People need to think things out. If possessions are that important then maybe they need fish or a ..........And yes, I have a lot of very nice things that would break my heart to loose. They are in glass cabinets or are not reachable. Unfortunately, a lot of people think these little guys are disposable and without a soul. I feel sorry for those people.
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Our shelter does not allow our cats to be declawed. We tell them about declawing , offer free nail clipping at the shelter, or suggest they adopt an already declawed cat. I don't agree with having laws against declawing. I think you will just end up with more cats being dumped in shelters of outside. I think education is the best way to get people away from declawing.

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I never place a rescue cat with a person if they are going to declaw - BUT - I DO offer free nail clipping for the duration for any cats that I place in homes (as long as they are local...w/in 1.5 hrs.) for the life of the cat.

I even have a woman who I turned down for cat adoption - that adopted from a shelter later - that asks me to come over once or twice a month to clip the cat's nails. She still doesn't understand HOW or WHY it is inhumane - even after I explained it to her....but - it really doesn't matter. She is allowing her cat to keep it's nails a long as I clip them - so- I'm willing to do that.

Terri - WAY TO GO standing your ground! - even if it did cost you an apt. and job. Good kharma will be the pay off for you!


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