It was the same with my Annie.  When her owner who was in hospice learned that 
they had found her a good home, she passed the next day.  She knew her baby was 
safe so she could go.  If I di not have a safe haven for my babies to go to, I 
guess I wuld just have to NOT die.  If I did not know thy would be secure and 
safe, I would not rest in peace.  I think I would be like Annie's owner was.  
If you cannot find her a good home, put her to sleep.  Any port in a storm is 
not a good port, it has to be safe and secure.

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> You're wonderful...
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> On Sep 5, 2011, at 12:31 PM, "Bonnie Hogue" <> wrote:
> > Just an update on that little “feral” cat I took from my dear aunt’s house….
> > 
> > After going to Forgotten Felines for spay (already spayed), partial tail 
> > amputation and general health check, “Hemy” lived in a pen on my deck for 
> > nearly a month. I would get my upper body in the pen and we would have a 
> > ‘love fest’ of petting, purring, head-butting and cuddling.  Clearly: not a 
> > feral cat.  So I left the pen door open yesterday.  She sniffed all around 
> > the yard, circled several times, returned to the pen to eat and sleep in 
> > her favorite bed.  I called FF about finding her a home, but I think this 
> > is her home, and I’m her person.  I love this little cat.  I suspect she 
> > has some health issues, but I’m delighted to give her a home and in return 
> > have her friendship.
> > 
> > By the way, my dear aunt passed away on Aug. 24.  I visited her the evening 
> > before and she said then the same thing she said every time I saw her:  
> > “I’m so GLAD you have the cats.”  Then she’d ask about them and I’d tell 
> > her how each one was doing and how wonderful they are.  It was obviously 
> > important to her that her animals were being cared for, and I think the 
> > fact that it was me (‘in the family’ and a known cat lover) helped.   I’m 
> > happy that my taking her cats made her happy and gave her a little peace in 
> > her time of transition.
> > 
> > ~Bonnie
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