I have always heard not to vaccinate for FIV, only FelV.
Not only is the FIV vaccination questionable, but the cat will
forever test positive for FIV just because of the vaccination.

On 09-07, katskat1 wrote:
> Again, a large number of the people posting on this site MIX positives
> and negatives with the following caveat:
> 1. Negatives MUST be fully vaccinated incl:  FIV and FeLV
> 2. After initial vaccination in negative adults there should be a
> waiting period before mixing.  I think it is 1 month or so but others
> can confirm the correct incubation for the disease.
> 3.  After initial AND boosters for younger cats/kittens I wait until
> the younger cat is 2 - 3 months past the final vaccination and or at
> least 6 - 7 months old before mixing.
> 4.  I vaccinate the positive cats for all BUT FeLV and FIV (whichever
> they are positive for)

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