I neglected to mention that I have many other negative cats who live in the 
majority of the house, and I have the kitten, Macey, confined to my office 
right now. When she had the URI, I tried my best to not transfer it outside the 
room, but, of course, several of my other cats got it, cause I haven't gotten 
them vaccincated in years. So I guess my main concern was if the other cats 
somehow came down with another URI in the future, chances are Macey might get 
it, from my transferance. If she was vaccinated, wouldn't she have a bit more 
protection than if not, especially since her immune system is compromised with 
the leukemia?
Since I am new here, I was reading some previous threads, and I was interested 
in the comments made about vegetarianism, farm animals, etc. 
a while back. Obviously a deviation from leukemia, I am glad to say that I am a 
vegetarian (hopefully vegan one day), and I was wondering if anyone here knows 
about The Farm Sanctuary. I visited the Watkins Glen sanctuary (they also have 
a farm in CA) 2 years ago and stayed there for 2 nights, and it was the most 
peaceful trip I have ever taken. Such a magnificent and compassionate place! I 
highly recommend anyone who cares for animals to visit there. Unfortunately, 
the organization is up against some pretty powerful lobbies, so it's really 
hard to pass anti-cruelty laws for farm animals. But they try their best and 
have made great strides...

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