We don't have to be older to "check out", we could be hit by a bus any
day....young or old - therefore all of us should have a serious contingency
plan for emergencies!

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Hey, I love you two!!!   I wish you really could move here when the
time comes.  I am in fairly good health for 78, so I don't plan on checkin'
out anytime soon, but I worry about my cats a lot because it could happen.
For the record my three kids are older than you two girls. My son is 56,
middle daughter 54 and youngest daughter just turned 50. All of them adore
cats, but they already have a bunch of their own.  My youngest daughter has
11 cats, and the others have a several cats and dogs. I know they wouldn't
just dump my cats, because they are great kids, but they would have a
problem taking all 15 of mine.
Now just in case you two are really thinking of coming here you can look up
www.alpinelakeresort.com It's in the eastern mountains of WV just ten miles
from the Maryland border.  Summers here are wonderful with temperatures
seldom above 75 - 80, but beware, in the winter we get LOTS of snow.

Anyway,  regardless of whether we ever meet, thanks for giving me some hope
for the future of my kitty kats.  BTW, Maureen,  my cats like strange
people, I'm pretty damn strange myself :-).

On 09-09, Maureen Olvey wrote:
>    See  Lorrie  - now everything has been worked out!  So tell your three
>    kids  if  they don't get off their butts and offer to take your babies
>    in that  you're  going  to  have  two strange women (well, I'm strange
>    anyway)  living  in your house taking care of your animals.  And we're
>    not going to let them come enjoy the lake either!!!
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>    Lorrie,
>    I like the way Maureen thinks!  I can help Maureen take care of all of
>    your  cats,  I love her idea even though she's kidding.  It would be a
>    great  place  to retire and between the two of us, we can take care of
>    all the furry babies!  Afterall, I will be 47 next month :0)
>    L

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