On 09-12, dot winkler wrote:
>    Hysterical!   L.O.L.  I love it.  The thing is, yes, some of them hunt
>    and actually use the meat - smoke it, make sausage with it (yuck!). At
>    least  they  are  eating the deer.  But the thing is, the animal is so
>    beautiful  a creature to behold and so delicate.   How can anyone have
>    the  heart  to  kill  them?  They are graceful and grace our woods and
>    lands.   To  see one in your yard is a special and breathtaking sight.
>    I don't see how anyone could do it.
>      _________________________________________________________________

I could never kill a deer.  Many deer come to our yard, and they are
so beautiful.  Last winter some bastard shot the leg off one of them.
It was right at the knee and it was just dangling for weeks. Finally
it dropped off and thankfully it never got infected.  She still comes 
to our house, and still keeps up with her group.  She's an amazing,
brave little doe and we call her "Tripod".


Tripod and she 
our yard

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