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I do not know anything about the AC listed but I really believe in it. My guys have the opportunity to talk to ACs when there are important things going on. Luckily, I have some friends who do this. I encourage you to consider AC. You may find out a lot of things. Also, please put yourself in your friend's paws...literally. What would you really, in the depth of your heart and soul, really want? You may find this exercise helpful in framing your own future decisions.
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I know what you mean…how would you feel about contacting a fantastic animal communicator in CA and see what Miller wants and would prefer? I just spoke to her about a renal failure cat that I want to make sure that it’s the right time for euthanasia this afternoon. Maybe the trade-off to a shorter but happier life is better than a prolonged one with vet visits and shots, which Miller obviously doesn’t seem to enjoy! That’s how I feel about people’s lives, too!

Her name is Lisa Larson, at the very bottom, is a contact line…she is also the most reasonable, and last year, even kept calling me to find out how one of our cats was doing who had cancer. I’ve known some who count every second to get paid for…not Lisa! Everyone who asked for her help, was very pleased! I highly recommend her as being absolutely fantastic, caring, and knows what she’s doing. Although her schedule today is filled, she squeezed in some time to contact Fraidie, from photos I sent her. If we euthanize Fraidie this afternoon, we will speak on the phone and contact her from across the rainbow bridge.
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We bought the oral chemo pills and I spoke to the doctor about Miller and unfortunately, his is rather progressed and she said, on average, cats can live another 6 months on the oral meds and up to 2-3 years with the injectible chemo drugs. We are going to try the injections this week and see how he does. Once Frank comes home from the road, he can go home twice a day to administer the eye meds Miller needs so I won't have to chase him down, put him in a carrier and take him to the vet's office to stay all day :( I just keep wondering if we are doing the right thing. I don't want his last days with us to be ones filled with vet visits and fear :(

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