BUT, you don't understad, Us Good Ole Boys have to prove our manhood by hunting 
these cratures.  And ALL US GOOD OLE BOYS stick together like glue.  Even if 
you saw one fire he hot that hit you, the would question your intelligence.  
Anybody remember an incident up north a few years back when a woman was shot 
and killed while hanging out laundry in her back yard.  THE JUDGE MIND YOU said 
she should have known better than to go outside 1st day o the season.  You 
don't have to be uneducated to be dumb!
At least in pioneer days, they hunted for food and did not go crazy like they 
do today.

---- Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote: 
> I can't imagine much meat on them, and I doubt they're willing to cook them
> for an ounce of meat - it's only for "sport", and the pigeons they shoot are
> trapped in cities and transported to the shooting sites.  That's why they're
> in those traps for so long without food or water.  Some even die in there.
> 99% of deer hunting is for a trophy!  If they want to eat deer that have
> been eating toxic substances, or get something like mad Cow disease, in deer
> it's Chronic Wasting, it doesn't show up in a long time, like 20 yrs or
> more...
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> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hunters
> Oh my gosh!! I could not put up with all that as long as you did! Is Dove
> meat really that good? I would not think there would be much meat on them.
> Dove hunting is still popular here in Texas and I don't like it. My bird
> feeder stays full all the time and I have two doves that come in the late
> afternoon and feed on the seed that is on the ground around the bird feeder.
> They are beautiful birds.  I only have one pigeon that lost it's mate about
> 3 yrs ago that comes around my feeder as well.  I could never imagine
> shooting them.
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Hunters
> Your posts reminded me of something that happened 40+ years ago on our
> family farm in Central California... during dove hunting season.
> We did not allow hunters on our property, but when dying doves fell in our
> fields and pastures after being shot nearby, hunters would climb over our
> fences to retrieve the bloody bodies.  One afternoon the shotgun pellets
> were raining down on our roof and through the branches of our oak trees and
> we were afraid to go outside so Mom called the county sheriff.  When he
> arrived to talk to them about unsafe shooting... Mom noticed his hand was
> bandaged...an idiot dove hunter had actually shot the deputy in the hand!!!
> Go figure!
> When I drove my 25 miles to work, each morning I felt like a cardboard duck
> in a fair shooting gallery... groups of "hunters" parked on their backsides
> sitting on coolers of beer with umbrellas erected overhead would wait on
> both sides of the road for flocks to fly over.  I managed to get to work
> unscathed for 5 years, but was never certain I would survive the Sept - Nov.
> annual killing season.  Our hunting neighbor across the road went out with a
> few friends and came back with only one eye... not a single "friend" would
> admit he fired the blinding shot.  Nice, huh?
> Georgetta
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