In this kind of a situation, even if everyone just sent $1, it would add up!
PLEASE help!


Aslans Cats (located in Catskill, NY) submerged by flood waters from the
storm. and the water had not finished rising yet.

This unique sanctuary housed 68 leukemia positive cats in a home
environment.  8 cats died (7 of them drowned).  

They lost all their possessions in the flood:  food, litter, beds,
scratching posts, condos, MEDICINE and a new front loading washer and dryer.
They don't even know the status of their other appliances yet because they
don't have the electricity to plug them in.

The entire basement was under water and the first floor had 4 feet of water
and was filled with mud.   Prior to the flood, this was a beautiful house
and the cats could go freely from inside into spectacular fenced in yard
with a specially outfitted shed that the cats really enjoyed.  The yard, the
shed and the fencing were severely damaged by 10 feet of water.  The fencing
will need repair before the cats can enjoy the yard again.  They still don't
have full electricity back yet and the interior walls are in the midst of
being torn down because of mold forming.  The basement is unusable now.

Please consider helping the surviving 60 cats!  They need monetary donations
as well as material donations.  THEY HAVE NO PLACE TO GO, so they have been
living in horrible conditions since the storm.  

Please click through to their website and you will find their donate button. <> 

Also, at the end of this e-mail, you will find a list of items that they
sorely need.  Most important... they need dry food (any food that does not

For those of you who want to know why this happened.

This area was not told to evacuate and the flash floods took everyone by
surprise.  Hilary (the director and manager of the sanctuary) was forcibly
dragged from her home by police against her will and when she was permitted
to return a few hours later, she found the devastation.  She's been living a

Please help by donating and spreading the word through e-mail and facebook.



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