Thanks to everyone for their input on the smoking applicant! It's been a 
difficult decision, but I've decided not to decline the applicant based solely 
on the fact that he smokes, so we're going to proceed. Of course, all other 
standard procedures will apply (reference check, home visit, etc).

I appreciate the fact that the person is honest. He's applying through his 
sister and she made it a point to inform me of the smoking situation and voiced 
concerns regarding whether it would be a risk for Tumble due to his FeLV+ 
status. I hadn't had any experience with smoking specific to FeLV+ cats, so I 
thought I'd post here for input. 

Based on personal experience, most people who have contacted me feel the risk 
would be minimal. While I also value the thoughts of those who advised against 
the adoption and I'd prefer a non-smoking environment, I have to weigh that 
against the alternatives. Tumble is currently living in a basement (a 
"daylight" basement with windows, but still, with limited human interaction). 
The applicant is homebound due to health problems and is looking for a 24/7 
companion. He wants to adopt both Tumble and his companion Cody; I'd love for 
these boys to stay together, as they came to me together and are best buddies. 
The thought of them being beloved companions warms my heart.

So... it may not be perfect, but if they'll have good vet care and a loving 
home, I think I'll go ahead with the adoption. Doing so will also free up some 
space and allow me to help others that would otherwise be euthanized.

Please send good thoughts that everything works out for what's best for the 

Thank you all again!
Cindy, Tumble, and Cody

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  What are your options...
  Not everybody finds that people willing to adopt FeLV+ kitties are 
  A smoker may not be the best choice but I would except a smoker before PTS....

  On 9/21/2011 9:01 PM, wrote: 
    Hi all,
    Well here is my 2 cents worth!
    I'm a smoker have been for 40 years. I do not smoke directly in front of my 
cats/kittens. My personal kitties have never gotten sick or develop cancers 
from smoke this includes my FELV kitties.
    I've been adopting cats/kittens for over 30 years to both non-smokers and 
smokers. I have to say my smokers take better care of their kitties than 
non-smokers that have small children. As I've been to their homes and seen how 
clean they were. I've have repeat adopters as their kitties didn't die to 
    Actually, lived fairly long lives. The kitties had the best in medical as 
    So I do not discriminate adopters that smoke.

    I agree with Susan Hoffman on her posting.

    My suggestion is if you don't want to adopt to people that smoke. Be up 
front with them about it. 
    Also, if your a rescue/shelter put it in your rules and guidelines on your 
applications that you don't adopt your kitties to smokers.
    This way the adopter doesn't feel bad or have their heart set on the kitty. 
    Regardless whether the kitty is Negative, FELV, FIV, or both.

    Sultan, WA. 98294
    Terrie Mohr-Forker
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    Dedicated to the welfare of animals.

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      We have someone interested in adopting our FeLV+ boy and it sounds like a 
great home, but the gentleman smokes. Does anyone know if this would be a 
considerable risk for a FeLV cat? I know smoke isn't good for humans or cats, 
but I'm wondering if the FeLV would complicate matters. Other than that, it 
sounds like a great home. He'd be a companion to a homebound gentleman who's 
looking for company.

      Thanks for your time and input.

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