I hope he has a happy and loving home..I've a friend that smokes and she has 
two FeLV+ cats. There is no problem unless a cat develops a resp infection in 
which case she should be in an smokeless room_like any other cat with 
respiratory problems should be_ but other than that
I've never heard of smoke being a particular no-no for FeLVers.


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From: dlg...@windstream.net <dlg...@windstream.net>
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV+ and Cigarette Smoke
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Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011, 8:26 PM

good for you.  they will be loved and that is one of the most important things

---- Cindy McHugh <ci...@furangels.org> wrote: 
> Thanks to everyone for their input on the smoking applicant! It's been a 
> difficult decision, but I've decided not to decline the applicant based 
> solely on the fact that he smokes, so we're going to proceed. Of course, all 
> other standard procedures will apply (reference check, home visit, etc).
> I appreciate the fact that the person is honest. He's applying through his 
> sister and she made it a point to inform me of the smoking situation and 
> voiced concerns regarding whether it would be a risk for Tumble due to his 
> FeLV+ status. I hadn't had any experience with smoking specific to FeLV+ 
> cats, so I thought I'd post here for input. 
> Based on personal experience, most people who have contacted me feel the risk 
> would be minimal. While I also value the thoughts of those who advised 
> against the adoption and I'd prefer a non-smoking environment, I have to 
> weigh that against the alternatives. Tumble is currently living in a basement 
> (a "daylight" basement with windows, but still, with limited human 
> interaction). The applicant is homebound due to health problems and is 
> looking for a 24/7 companion. He wants to adopt both Tumble and his companion 
> Cody; I'd love for these boys to stay together, as they came to me together 
> and are best buddies. The thought of them being beloved companions warms my 
> heart.
> So... it may not be perfect, but if they'll have good vet care and a loving 
> home, I think I'll go ahead with the adoption. Doing so will also free up 
> some space and allow me to help others that would otherwise be euthanized.
> Please send good thoughts that everything works out for what's best for the 
> boys.
> Thank you all again!
> Cindy, Tumble, and Cody
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>   From: Tad Burnett 
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>   Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 11:05 PM
>   Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV+ and Cigarette Smoke
>   What are your options...
>   Not everybody finds that people willing to adopt FeLV+ kitties are 
>   A smoker may not be the best choice but I would except a smoker before 
>   Tad
>   On 9/21/2011 9:01 PM, ter...@tazzys.org wrote: 
>     Hi all,
>     Well here is my 2 cents worth!
>     I'm a smoker have been for 40 years. I do not smoke directly in front of 
>my cats/kittens. My personal kitties have never gotten sick or develop cancers 
>from smoke this includes my FELV kitties.
>     I've been adopting cats/kittens for over 30 years to both non-smokers and 
>smokers. I have to say my smokers take better care of their kitties than 
>non-smokers that have small children. As I've been to their homes and seen how 
>clean they were. I've have repeat adopters as their kitties didn't die to 
>     Actually, lived fairly long lives. The kitties had the best in medical as 
>     So I do not discriminate adopters that smoke.
>     I agree with Susan Hoffman on her posting.
>     My suggestion is if you don't want to adopt to people that smoke. Be up 
>front with them about it. 
>     Also, if your a rescue/shelter put it in your rules and guidelines on 
>your applications that you don't adopt your kitties to smokers.
>     This way the adopter doesn't feel bad or have their heart set on the 
>     Regardless whether the kitty is Negative, FELV, FIV, or both.
>     Sultan, WA. 98294
>     Terrie Mohr-Forker
>     http://tazzys.org/
>     Non-Profit national rescue
>     Dedicated to the welfare of animals.
>     Copyright © 1999-2010 tazzys.org. All rights reserved.
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>       Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV+ and Cigarette Smoke
>       From: "Cindy McHugh" <ci...@furangels.org>
>       Date: Wed, September 21, 2011 9:02 am
>       To: <felvtalk@felineleukemia.org>
>       Hi,
>       We have someone interested in adopting our FeLV+ boy and it sounds like 
>a great home, but the gentleman smokes. Does anyone know if this would be a 
>considerable risk for a FeLV cat? I know smoke isn't good for humans or cats, 
>but I'm wondering if the FeLV would complicate matters. Other than that, it 
>sounds like a great home. He'd be a companion to a homebound gentleman who's 
>looking for company.
>       Thanks for your time and input.
>       Cindy
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