Hi all,
  Sherry, I'm so sorry about Horton. May he play and rest in peace until the 
day comes that he's reunited with you.

   I also wanted to say that I have a soon-to-be 5 yr old, Bruschi, w/ CH. He 
was born feral with his 2 brothers (one who exhibits slight CH and one who 
shows no signs), and I ended up adopting all 3 when I couldn't find a home for 
them. Bruschi also has feline stomatitis, which as most of you know is such a 
frustrating disease. I am a member of the FS support group on yahoo, and it 
helps immensely. When his gums aren't flaring up on him, he is the happiest 
little boy imaginable, and he is very cute when he walks and wobbles. I always 
tell him that he has a "certain swagger" to him, that none of my other kitties 
have. I was really glad to see the video of Charlie that his dad made about 
him. Hopefully, alot of people will see and learn from it.

    Regards, Cindy

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