The kittens do NOT need to be tested; but if you want to test them, wait at
least several months.


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I agree with all the others! DO NOT ABORT! Just have all the kittens and mom
tested when they are old enough and go from there!

I bet they will be all negative and able to go to a new home to have a great
long life!


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I'll be forward and blunt on this as I'm running late and wanted to respond
to this!

Do not abort the babies!

It will be hard and dangerous on mom at this stage of her pregnancy.

This is a bunch of bullcrap from that Vet.
Also means more money for the Vet's office or something that is not an

Find another Vet for your kitty's care!


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That would be great,thank you for the info
the vet said i had to do this and its best for my cat
but i felt extremly on edge as she is nearly due.
But the vet made me feel theres no other way


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Please DO  NOT WORRY - if she or "husband" are FIV+, the kittens will be
just fine!

Your vet knows NOTHING about FIV!  It's a lot different than FeLV!!!!

I can guarantee that they will be fine.

DO NOT ABORT THIS LATE - each baby has to be taken out and killed!

I don't have time to write now, but I can e-mail you personally later, if
that's OK!

I have had dozens of FIV mothers whose babies were ALL fine!


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i have just found out tht my cat is pregnant 8.5wks to a stray that tested
positive for feline aids
i was due to have her fixed but was a little to late as she is 8mths now.
The vet wants me to take her in to get an abortion is this the only way???
Do i have no other options?Is this the best thing to do??

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