Thanks Cindy....... I forgot all about FishMox. I ordered some
years ago, and need to get a fresh supply.

As for Acarexx...... A friend gave me the recipe for this. She
rescues wildlife as well as dogs and cats.  She buys Ivermectin
injectable for cattle and swine.  Then she uses two drops mixed
with two drops of mineral oil in each ear.  She says this works even
better than Acarexx. A vet tech gave her this info.

On 10-19, Cindy McHugh wrote:
> Lorrie,
> I'm late chiming in here. I can't help you with Acarexx, but look into 
> FishMox for the clavamox. It can be ordered without a prescription and from 
> what I was told, it's the same as clavamox. I even ordered it for myself 
> once when I had an infected tooth.
> Cindy

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