So far, all of mine are healthy and they squabble all the time, drink from the 
same water fountain and eat from the same bowls, use the same boxes.  Just keep 
the negatives vaccinnated.

---- Beth Noren <> wrote: 
> My positive grew up wrestling with his two negative brothers and they were
> fine.  They initially all tested negative, so some of the tussling happened
> before
> the neg's were vaccinated, and still no transmission.  Once Will tested
> positive, we vaccinated the neg's.  Will lived with them until he passed at
> 3.5 years.
> Best wishes,
> Beth
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 8:02 AM, dot winkler <> wrote:
> > But what about mixing when the healthy male cat likes to bite and plays
> > rough with the FELV pos cat?  They wrestle, lick, groom together and
> > bite/nip as they play and cuddle and sleep together.   Has anyone had mixed
> > cats that do this and my question is, is it safe in that situation? ...
> >

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