They are both so cute and look quite at home in your house.  I'm glad you decided to keep both.  I have 2 positives (may have caused the second by mixing too young too soon:(  However, I have no regrets because they are best friends!  Even though one has suffered from lymphoma (in remission for 15 months) the other has been asymptomatic and both are happy and relatively healthy.

Good luck to you and your new family!

On Nov 02, 2011, at 06:41 AM, Anne Myles <> wrote:

I meant to write, of course, that I was told that false POSITIVES are
common but false negatives are virtually unheard of. My vet kind of
shrugged when I told him that, though no one can give me a good account
of why Dublin had a negative ELISA on his re-test when he is very
clearly positive. Anyway, he's a lucky, lucky little kitty, as that
false negative landed him in a home.

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