My two FeLv/FIV+ cats Taco and Smooch have passed over this year.  I was 
heartbroken.  But then I realized how wonderful it was that people like us give 
these deserving little cats all the life they can sustain and don't turn our 
backs on them because they were unlucky enough to have these afflictions.  Taco 
and Smooch were both healthy, fat and happy until a month before they passed.  
Smooch held on a few weeks after Taco but I think Taco called to him that it 
was better on the other side and Smooch left.  


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This is so true, I know that Fletch is here with me. I miss him so.

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> Autumn left this world as a precious, loved and cared for being.  That is so 
> wonderful.  She remains with you even though you can't see  her and will 
> visit you when the time is right.  It may be as you sleep, when you are the 
> most open to her, but don't dismiss it as a dream and enjoy every second of 
> it.
> On Nov 8, 2011, at 6:33 AM, Susan Ang wrote:
>> My cat Autumn died last night due to complications arising from Feline 
>> Leukemia. She was four years old. In her short life she was a joy to us, a 
>> beautiful, highly intelligent little cat. I can't believe she's gone. I had 
>> almost fooled myself into believing that I might get to keep her for a very 
>> long time, but the disease won. We are grief-stricken.  I joined this list 
>> in 2007 after searching everywhere for information and support for FELV 
>> owners. I'm so glad it exists. I've drawn a lot of support and knowledge 
>> over the years - even when just lurking. I just wanted to add Autumn to the 
>> list. She was precious, loved to cuddle, watch Baby Einstein and steal 
>> pizza. My home will be so empty without her. I love you, baby girl.
>> ~Susan Ang
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