to Sheryl:  I can't figure out how to reply to your msg but in that doc you 
linked to, is this the most current protocol?  If I understand correctly, it 
says that you don't vaccinate until you get test results.  well, my vet 
thinking the cat was healthy, went ahead and vaccinated, even after I asked if 
we should wait for the results.  so how does this affect this cat including 
future testing? I read somewhere that the vaccination can result in the cat 
testing positive but i can't sort out what is current and what is not.  I can't 
believe a vet would be so careless to recommend testing and then go ahead and 
vaccinate before getting the test results if it affected future test results or 
the health of the cat .  I really appreicate anyone who can add to this 
discussion, either based on info you found , your vets info or your actual 
experience.  I am not feeling too comfortable now about having this kitten 
already vaccinated before the positive
 results were known.

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As I continue to try to learn as much as possible about this illness and 
testing the kitten I found,
I came across this post on the Best Friends site questioning the testing 
process.  I was wondering if
anyone had any comments on its contents?Thanks
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