I keep new ones, especially kittens seperated until their shots are complete 
and then my vet said give them another week or so just to be sure.  After that, 
I mix them because it is too hard on them and me to keep them locked up in a 
room by themselves.  So far, it works.  None of my negatives have contracted it 
and everyone is healthy as can be.

---- Georgetta Brickey <gebr...@hotmail.com> wrote: 
> Just wanted to insert a few thoughts.
> Last year when I ended up with a FeLV kitten I did strict quarantine and a 
> LOT of googling research.  In a nutshell, here is what I found - in general 
> terms.
> 1.  FeLV even in a kitten with an active infection is not easily spread from 
> cat to cat.  The virus is much like Human HIV - very fragile in the 
> environment - some sources say that it dies in minutes unless conditions are 
> optimum - temperature, humidity, etc.  To contract it, they have to have 
> close contact - grooming, licking, etc.  We did have one negative kitten in 
> foster care contract FeLV from a positive kitten she had very close contact 
> with - they were Best Buddies.  The other littermates repeatedly tested 
> negative but they were not as closely associated with the kitten who tested 
> positive first.
> 2.  Adult cats are apparently less susceptible to contracting it, even when 
> exposed longterm in an unvaccinated (FeLV vax) multicat household - 
> apparently a healthy mature immune system is strong enough to eliminate the 
> virus in most adult cats even with close contact.
> 3.  Some cats can have positive tests and live long and apparently healthy 
> lives; others die in the first year of life.
> 4. I am now very careful with quarantine on "sickly" kittens that arrive with 
> problems such as persistent "colds", mange mite or ringworm infections - I 
> think it is possible that these kittens may have a compromised immune system 
> from birth that may make them more vunerable to contracting FeLV.
> Hope this sparks some serious googling!  There is a LOT of info out there!  
> Just use your brain and evaluate what you read - there are some sketchy 
> sites/cures too.
> Georgetta                                       

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