On 11-17, Maureen Olvey wrote:
>    I  kind of have to vaccinate.  I brought in a FeLV positive kitten and
>    since  I  doubt I will be able to adopt her out I need to vaccinate my
>    others  because  I'm  not  planning on keeping them separated forever.
>    Maybe  I  should  but I don't have the set up for that.  I hate over -
>    vaccinating  too  but  I think I have to in this case. 

I have to vaccinate for FelV too, and I simply hate to do it. However,
I recently discovered that two of the cats in the shelter/sanctuary 
building I own are FelV pos.  They have mixed with all the other cats
there for years and none have had FelV vaccinations. Currently they
are all healthy.....  These are not my 15 cats at home. They are all 
FelV neg and are never with my sanctuary cats.

Anyway, I'd also like to know which of the FelV vaccinations are the
best and least likely to cause VAS.


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