My cat was diagnosed on Nov.10th but had been sick probably a couple of weeks 
prior to diagnosis. He was laying around the house alot and not really acting 
his playful self.
I thought he had worms so when I took him to the vet I was shocked because I 
never heard of this virus. He also had pneumonia. He is still weak and has no 
appetite which I syringe feed him food  4 times a day with nutri-cal and hills. 
He's been on amoxacillin for 2 weeks and just started on AZT on Sunday. Does 
anyone know how long it will take or just on average when he will start showing 
any signs of his immune system taking care of this virus. I know it's specific 
to the cat but I would like to know what I am looking at as far as him getting 
better or if he will be able to tackle this. He sure is a fighter and I am 
willing to do anything it takes to get him better.                              
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