To chime in on this subject, my recently adopted FeLV+ kitten Macey (now 5 
months) had a really bad URI that turned into pneumoniia ~ 3 months ago. She 
was initially sent home with Clavamox and Metoclopramide (for vomitting), and 
she got a Zofran injection at the vet in MA (where I adopted her) for the 
vomitting. When I got back home to NC, she got worse with a 105 temp, so my 
local vet gave her a banamine injection (reduces fever and lung inflammation) 
and sent me home with Azithromycin (stonger antibiotic). She still was going 
downhill, took her back in a week, her temp was 107, and as a last resort, vet 
suggested giving her a Dexamethasone injection as an aggressive try at getting 
her temp down.. I knew what the results might be, with an FeLV+ kitten and 
steroids...But an outright miracle happened, cause the next day, her temp had 
come down to 101, and with the Azithr. finally kicking in, she actually started 
eating on her own (I'd been force feeding her for almost 3 weeks). I know each 
kitty responds differently, and I was extremely lucky that Macey finally 
responded positively. 
Dana, I sure hope your guy starts feeling a whole lot better soon!

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