Macey is not on AZT... The only supplement she is on now is L-Lysine. I also 
adopted another FeLv+ kitten who is 2 months older than Macey, kinda as a "big 
brother" and playmate for her. Right now, both stay in my office, behind closed 
doors, as I have many other cats who are not current on their FeLv vax (all 
indoors). During Macey's ordeal, she did have her 3rd eyelids up most of the 
time, which of course, tells you that they aren't feeling well. I forgot to 
mention that since she was very congested, I also had gotten a Rx for 
chlorpheniramine (antihistamine compounded into a liquid) the same day she got 
the depo injection, but I never used it on her, since she started feeling 
better shortly after that. She was quite the little fighter, and I knew she 
wanted to survive, which sounds like your little guy, too. I think that those 
of us in this group, as well as select others, always give 110% to our kittys, 
especially when they are sick, and will try mostly anything to help them feel 
better. I can depend on this support group (as well as the feline stomatitis 
one that I belong to) to give me tons of comfort, encouragement, and loads of 
new ideas/treatments for my kittys, and I am so appreciative for that.
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