I am so sorry about Buddy!  

If you really want to "talk" to him, have you considered contacting a really
good animal communicator? I have been in contact with Binkey last week, who
had to be euthanized this morning, and in a few days, will have my AC
contact him. Binkey was a silver colored, long-haired gorgeous cat who was
selfless and absolutely fantastic with people and other animals!



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This was just what I needed today.  My beloved Buddy, a felv+ Maine Coon
whom I adopted nearly 6 years ago, died this morning.  He was about 9 years
old, maybe more.  He had been abandoned at a shelter as a young cat and I
adopted him to be a companion to my other positive cat.  I am grateful that
the end came quickly and quietly, but I am heartbroken.  He was the best cat
ever.  He came running when I called him, he slept every night In my bed and
snuggled on my lap like a giant beanie baby, he got along patiently with the
other cats we have taken in. He had no "meow", just a croak, but had the
most eloquent eyes.  Many times I wished he could talk.  I know that a piece
of him will be with me until we meet again. 


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For those who have suffered a loss of a dear pet, this tribute is one of my
all time most favorite compassionate, hopeful, and consoling readings.   

Credit to the writer:  Terri Onorato 



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