Yes, I had a kitty with Hemobartonella (sp?) who needed a blood transfusion & 
this was an issue. 


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Cats Have Blood Types, Too
by JaneA Kelley, Cat expert and animal communicator  
   Cats have three blood types: A, B, and AB. Most non-pedigreed cats, as well 
as American Shorthairs, Siamese and other Oriental breeds, have Type A. Devon 
Rex, Cornish Rex, and about 15 percent of Persian and Abyssinian cats have type 
B. Type AB is rare, but it has been found across a number of breeds. 

Cats, like humans, can have potentially fatal reactions if given the wrong 
blood type. But don't worry -- if your vet can't find a donor in your area, 
there are kitty blood banks, too!  
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