Thank you family!!!
I typed a long note yesterday and aborted it.  Yes, I was not happy with being 
advised what med to put both Pookashay & Meaow on without any explanations.  
The state facility is a great idea.  I ordered the GNC vegetarian formula CoQ 
10 on Saturday.  Natalie, You are really high on it.
This note is primarily about Meaow and his bloody diarrhea. I am going to 
digress.  He tore up the back of my hand last night when he got by me through 
the bedroom door into the main part of the apartment.  I have been leaving him 
out of the cage thinking that would be less stressful.  He attacked an older fe 
leukemia + female.  He has now attacked all the females of my home circle.  I 
am on antibiotics for the 4th time due to him since the beginning of October.  
Yes, I remember well last summer's discussion about who controls the doors.  He 
is back in the cage.  He crunched down on her tail so she can no longer lift 
her tail. I intervened without protection.
Sunday morning there was a 1/3" gob of clotting blood on the bathroom floor.  I 
had put him in there while I cleaned the bedroom cages.  Part of this morning's 
bowel movement was hard & formed & the remainder was formed and contained a lot 
more liquid.  I bought some Paul Newman canned & will feed that exclusviely 
tonight.  have not tried yogurt.  last night fed cooked beef liver and milk and 
cooked sweet potato, . . .
quit the variety?
He is on a waiting list for the local SPCA.  I have identified him as a biter 
to them. 
he is a sweetie as I have said before who wants to claim me.  I am attached to 
him but no way can it be.
thanks for listening.  ideas?
I go back to the vet on Saturday.  will tell her about your comments.
thank you.
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 09:14:32 -0500
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] heart murmur

Animals (and people) with any heart problems need CoQ10 desperately! Between 30 
mg and 50 mg daily!  One of our cats has cardiomyopathy and renal failure…she 
was diagnosed 1 ½ yrs. ago.  She’s on a few drugs and sub-q fluids and I also 
supplement her with CoQ10 – she’s doing really well.  We don’t know how long 
she’s had the problem…she’s about 12 yrs. old now.
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] heart murmur
There are varying degrees of heart murmurs in cats.  They are measures in 
fractions of 6.  For instance, a 2 out of 6, or 2/6,  is not as serious a a 
4/6.  We had a cat who was diagnosed with a murmur, and we did not have the 
money to get further testing done on him at that time because he was fresh off 
the street, A stray that just followed me inside one day after I had fed him.  
lol  He looked awful, mainly because he had been living as a stray with a bad 
flea allergy.  What a fantastic cat he proved to be!  Well, all was ell for 
about 6 months, then he started fainting (syncope), and we were told to get the 
echo done.  We did, at a specialist here in San Diego, with the help of some 
awesome MySpace friends and a chip in, and it was learned then that he had 
cardiomyopathy with pulmonary edema and aortic stenosis.  His lungs were so 
full of liquid and his heart had the all too common cardiomyopathy cats get.  I 
was told by the specialty hospital vet that it often happens that these 
disorders, heart murmur and cardiomyopathy, go hand in hand (but not in every 
case).  Zoh's heart murmur was a 4/6, which is significant.  They put Zoh on 3 
meds which he took for the rest of his life, every day.  Furosemide (lasix) for 
the fluid in the lungs, Atenolol, a blood pressure med, and one more bp mes, I 
cannot remember the name of,  but he got better.  I was told cats with 
cardiomyopathy rarely live long, and Zoh lived 2 more years till he succumbed 
to a heart attack and died in my arms, in my room.  
I am hoping this info of my experience with heart murmurs might give you 
something to talk about to your vet.  I would def ask what the meds are, what 
class, and why he is prescribing them, as well as get a definite 
diagnosis/prognosis in his professional opinion.  It sounds like he did not 
give you enough info.  And, I would say the echocardiogram is very important to 
get, even if it is a bit pricey and you might have to go a little distance to 
find a place to get it done.  most vets do not have one in their office, 
although if your cat is breathing hard, ask for a chest xray, for starters.  
(Not as expensive, either.  lol)    Good luck.

Love and Katnip,
                  ~Kat~     =^,,^=

"I'm Kat Parker.  I park cats."   

"Keep your kitties INSIDE, 24/7, 'cause an inside cat is a SAFE & HAPPY cat!"


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Subject: [Felvtalk] heart murmur; intermittent fresh blood in stool

There is always so much going on with us and our beloveds plus comings & 
I hesitate to interrupt but this is important to me  - - to us.
Pookashay was diagnosed with heart murmur in May 2010.  Nothing was said re:  
need for med.  Different vet listened to in spring 2011.  Nothing was said re:  
murmur.  Now same vet hears and wants to put on meds; wants work-up.  In what 
circumstances would you put on meds?
Meaow is cat abandoned at TS which had abscess under jaw in October.  had 
treated; then neutered about 2 weeks later.  now has intermittent fresh blood 
in stool.  stools are small & dark.  no problems before.  vet found no coccidia 
or worms in stool sample.  again vet wants to put on meds.   feed canned food.  
he wants to own me but keep caged in bedroom because SPCA accepted him for 
their waiting list.  fe leukemia cats are in main part of small apartment.   
comments?  he is negative; has been vaccinated.  a fighter & biter who is also 
very sweet.
finally, Yahmuna is FIV cat which came to my door very, very sick last 
Thanksgiving.   SPCA accepted her in July for adoption center placement.  went 
to see her yesterday.  very, very congested.  on antibiotics.  she is their cat 
thank you.
czadna, Mama & Scrumptious & Luscious and Pookashay & Shallie Marie & Harold & 
James (and Meaow and Piedy Sven and Hope & Rasha Boo and Lila Bea - all on SPCA 
waiting list)

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