Last week my vet said one is better than none. I was surprised ,but glad.

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I agree – if you keep the cat strictly inside, you wouldn’t even have to use 
the vaccine…you also must understand that even if you got the required booster, 
any vaccine is only about 80% effective. 
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Hi Melody!
Welcome to the forum.  I'm no expert but I do know that if you don't get the 
second shot, then your cat is not fully protected, if at all.  You will have to 
start over (as if your kitty never received the first shot) when you are able 
to get her back to the vet.
I sympathize with you regarding financial circumstances. It's a tough economy 
:(  The best way to protect her until you are able to get her both shots is to 
keep her indoors.
Best wishes,
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>Hello Everyone.....I'm new here and this question is about the Felv vaccine. 
>My cat was tested for feline leukemia and tested negative. On October 16, 2011 
>she received her Felv#1 vaccine and was due for her booster (Felv#2) three 
>weeks later.  Due to financial circumstances I was unable to take her back. 
>I'm still struggling financially so I haven't made an appointment. My question 
>is, how effective is the felv vaccine she did receive? Also, when I take her 
>back will she have to be tested again?
>My cat is an indoor & outdoor cat. 
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