Were the second tests also SNAP?  Or the IFA?

True, it is scary how many cats tests false positives!  I had two such cats
(one had the Snap AND IFA - positive both times.)  One cat had only the
Snap.then I did the IFA for both, and BOTH were negative.  I purposely found
mine a buddy from another state.  Can you imagine how I would have felt if
the IFA had been negative for only one of them?  I would have exposed the
healthy one to a sick one, thinking that both were negative. horrors!


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Very scary.. see below..


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I need to share this so it can get to the FELV Lists and whomever is 
following this testing debacle. We took in 5 Persians last week. We had 
them combo tested with the standard Snap test. All five tested 
positive.  We had blood work done on one cat and it came back negative. 
We assumed the tests were done wrong so they redid them two days ago. 
All four remaining cats tested positive AGAIN.
We had blood work taken on all four, sent it in, and all four came back 

This is really scary stuff. Cats are killed all the time because they 
test positive. Had we heard about these cats being in a shelter & 
testing positive it's not likely we could have taken them in. The vet 
office in Santa Cruz is going to follow up with the company, but if 
there is anyone else out there tracking this stuff, I want to get the 
information to them.

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