Hello all,

Our time in Japan will finally be ending next summer.  I have been so happy 
with my Japanese vet and credit him with the amazing health of my Fuji, who was 
diagnosed with Mediastinal Lymphoma 17 months ago.  She was given 2-3 months to 
live and has exceeded that by over a year due to Dr. Morisaki's incredible 
care.  He does not follow traditional protocols to the letter, but has my full 
confidence and respect.

Fast forward: Yesterday, he diagnosed my little VooDoo with "cancer" as well.  
His diagnosis was based on a needle draw of fluid in the chest cavity.  He 
showed me the cancer cells in a microscope photo.    I asked several times, 
same as Fuji and the response was yes.  It seems that VooDoo has the same type 
of cancer and is receiving the same treatment.

Fuji just started a maintenance program last month, after the original protocol 
was altered to take into consideration her consistently low white blood cell 
count.  I am hoping that VooDoo can keep his WBC up and allow for a shorter 
treatment cycle.  That way, by the time we move, he may be able to move to 
maintenance as well.  I will be looking for a doctor that will respect the 
treatment that has already occurred and continue on the same path.

Thanks for any input you may have.

Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo

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