It is possible the SNAP tests were positive & an IFA was negative because the 
virus had not progressed to the bone marrow. I also wonder if the SNAP tests 
that were positive were done on the new 3way tests. Our shelter stopped using 
them because they were not dependable.

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>*Very scary.. see below..*
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>I need to share this so it can get to the FELV Lists and whomever is
>following this testing debacle. We took in 5 Persians last week. We had
>them combo tested with the standard Snap test. All five tested
>positive.  We had blood work done on one cat and it came back negative.
>We assumed the tests were done wrong so they redid them two days ago.
>All four remaining cats tested positive AGAIN.
>We had blood work taken on all four, sent it in, and all four came back
>This is really scary stuff. Cats are killed all the time because they
>test positive. Had we heard about these cats being in a shelter &
>testing positive it's not likely we could have taken them in. The vet
>office in Santa Cruz is going to follow up with the company, but if
>there is anyone else out there tracking this stuff, I want to get the
>information to them.
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